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A New Bookstore in China Transcends Reality

X+Living’s bold, dreamlike design transforms the retail space into a cosmic world

March 28, 2024

BIG to Design the Athletics’ New Stadium in Las Vegas

The 33,000-seat ballpark is expected to begin welcoming spectators in 2028

March 19, 2024

Port Authority Bus Terminal To Undergo $10 Billion Revamp

Foster + Partners will lead the transformative project in Midtown Manhattan

March 7, 2024

Venus Williams Launches AI-Powered Design Platform

The tennis legend and entrepreneur has teamed up with Raffi Holzer and Edward Lando to create Palazzo

March 6, 2024

6 New Product Showrooms Open Across the U.S.

Brick-and-mortar concepts designed with more than just product displays in mind

March 5, 2024

Fyra Designs a Sustainable Office in Helsinki

The new LEED-certified workplace leans into a hospitality-inspired approach

March 4, 2024

NIO House Debuts at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

A sleek, modern sensibility defines the electric car manufacturer’s exclusive airport experience

March 2, 2024

Heatherwick Studio Designs Shopping District in Xi’an

The development breaks away from typical monolithic commercial structures with a unique nesting design

February 16, 2024

A Lash Boutique Alice in Wonderland Would Approve Of

Curved forms and muted, feminine tones define the beauty salon in Vancouver

February 7, 2024