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Nobu Restaurants Readies To Debut in Toronto

Studio Munge spotlights Japanese and Canadian craftsmanship at the sprawling two-story restaurant

July 12, 2024


Marsanne Channels the Mediterranean Coast in New York

An organic palette and abundant greenery connect guests to nature amid the concrete jungle

July 10, 2024


Rezdôra’s Stefano Secchi Opens Massara in New York

Sarah Carpenter & Studio roots the new Italian restaurant in its New York home

July 3, 2024


Il Totano Evokes a 1970s Italian Yacht Party

Designer Sasha Bikoff fashions the West Village eatery with bold colors and playful décor

June 26, 2024


A Modern Café and Bar Arrives in Dubai

Forty Five Cafe bridges its Ukrainian roots with its new location in the UAE

June 21, 2024


Tips To Stay Ahead in the Nightlife Industry

What’s next in nightlife? A session at HD Expo + Conference 2024 covers what we need to know

June 21, 2024


Big Mamma Brings Circolo Popolare to Madrid

A glimmering maximalist experience awaits inside the 8,000-square-foot Italian restaurant

June 19, 2024


Bar Primi Launches Second New York Restaurant

Meyer Davis teams up with NoHo Hospitality to transform an industrial building

June 17, 2024


Chef Tyson Cole Brings Uchi to the West Coast

ORA imbues the West Hollywood restaurant with Southern California and Japanese design sensibilities

June 15, 2024