Tim Franzen

Tim Franzen, president of Graduate Hotels, speaks with editor in chief Stacy Shoemaker Rauen at the 2016 Independent Lodging Congress about driving demand, community engagement, and really understanding the local market.
Dec 09, 2016

Tim and Kit Kemp

Two 2016 Platinum Circle honorees, husband-and-wife hoteliers Tim and Kit Kemp discuss working in New York and London; the dedication that sets their brand apart; and what they have in common with sumo wrestlers.
Dec 07, 2016

Tom Colicchio

A 2016 Platinum Circle honoree, chef and television host Tom Colicchio discusses formative lessons learned growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey; the relationship between design and cuisine; and his fight to end hunger in the U.S.
Dec 07, 2016

John Ceriale

A 2016 Platinum Circle honoree, John Ceriale discusses how his many roles have shaped his perspective; the three elements that make or break a hotel; and beginning his hospitality career in a toga.
Dec 07, 2016

Jeffrey Beers

The 2016 HD Visionary Award honoree, Jeffrey Beers discusses 30 years of innovation; glassblowing; and the people who have inspired him most throughout his career.
Dec 07, 2016

Industry Veterans

Michael Bedner, David Beer, Tony Chi, and Adam D. Tihany sit down for HD Expo 2016’s opening session.
Aug 15, 2016

Niki Leondakis

Commune Hotels + Resorts’ CEO Niki Leondakis delivers the keynote address at HD Expo 2016.
Aug 15, 2016

Nobu Matsuhisa

A 2015 Platinum Circle honoree, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa discusses how having a great team behind him helps him execute his vision in his more than 39 restaurants worldwide; expanding his brand to the hotel world; and why he loves to visit Peru.
Mar 29, 2016

Gary Dollens

As a 2015 Platinum Circle honoree, Gary Dollens talks about his lifelong career at Hyatt, his design philosophy, and the challenges and rewards of working in the hospitality industry.
Mar 29, 2016