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East Meets West at Lily in San Francisco

The intimate 49-seat restaurant pays homage to ancient Chinese culture

Jan 26, 2022


Retro Diners Are Making a Comeback

Three new concepts serve up a sense of nostalgia for laidback, old-school eateries

Jan 06, 2022


4 New Design-Forward Restaurants in Kyiv, Ukraine

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Dec 07, 2021


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These properties form a connection between the craft of winemaking and aesthetics

Oct 21, 2021

17th Annual HD Project Awards Winners and Finalists

Hospitality Design presents the jury-selected winners and finalists of the 2021 project awards

Sep 22, 2021


Fuzhou Teahouse Pays Tribute to Ancient Chinese History

Neri&Hu incorporates a Qing Dynasty artifact into a contemporary structure

Sep 07, 2021


Burnside Restaurant Sets a Moody Tone in Tokyo

Ghetto Gastro and Snøhetta join forces on a unique and innovative Caribbean concept

Jul 20, 2021


3 Experiential Restaurants Bring the Drama

F&B concepts in Asia and Australia captivate patrons with multisensory moments

Jun 02, 2021


4 New Dining Concepts Arrive in Copenhagen

Design evolution plays out in the city’s restaurant scene

May 10, 2021