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Helen Jorgensen

Host Hotels & Resorts’ Helen Jorgensen embraces change and encourages others to do the same

Mar 07, 2023


Valerie Legras Spotlights Innovative Creators With Swadoh

The New Orleans-based studio’s current collection features lighting handmade by French artisans

Feb 22, 2023


Cheryl Day Advocates for Change in the Restaurant Industry

The pastry chef founded Southern Restaurants for Racial Justice with three colleagues

Feb 20, 2023


Maya Bird-Murphy Makes Design Accessible to Young People

The Chicago native fosters authentic community engagement with Mobile Makers

Feb 17, 2023


Meet the Minds: David T’Kint

The Dubai-based designer, formerly a principal at HBA, sets out on his own path

Feb 15, 2023


Ashli Johnson Pioneers Howard University’s Hospitality Program

Johnson was named executive director of the Marriott-Sorenson Center for Hospitality Leadership in 2022

Feb 13, 2023


Mark Zeff

The New York-based designer challenges himself to evolve with every project

Feb 08, 2023


PUSH Studio Creates Thought-Provoking Environments

The Washington, DC firm marries transformative landscapes with architectural design

Feb 05, 2023


Green Qween Is Building an Inclusive Cannabis Empire

Andrés Rigal and Taylor Bazley’s DTLA dispensary puts LGBTQ- and BIPOC-owned brands front and center

Feb 02, 2023